ReactJs is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is one of the preeminent technology in modern frontend development. Learning React can be a little difficult initially; however, once you master it, it is incredible.

  • Part 1 — Basics of React(basic Js knowledge is required).
  • Part 2 — We will build a Disease outbreak tracker application.

Now that we know React is a Javascript library, so basic knowledge of Javascript is required. However, I will try to explain everything in details.

React is famous for its simplicity and flexibility. You can develop complex interactive user interfaces with React quickly…

Managing your form state in a ReactJs application can be a challenging & tedious job. You might have many forms in your application and class-based components. You can’t write reusable code due to the different states in different forms, so your component size will increase, and readability will decrease over time.

A simple form to collect user details using a custom hook
A simple form to collect user details using a custom hook.

React team announced🎉 the concept of hooks in 2018 with React 16.8. React introduced hooks to overcome many problems that developers were facing with class-based components. One of them is unable to write reusable stateful logic. Custom React Hooks solved this problem.

A custom Hook is a JavaScript function…

Bikram Bhattacharya

Trying everything with JavaScript — Full Stack Engineer — @Geogo

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